We started this business to provide a service that allows the infrastructure maintenance industry to make a dramatic move from reactive to proactive repairs on all aspects of infrastructure.


Our Mission

Provide a preliminary visual inspection service to all aspects of infrastructure that will help maintenance businesses save thousands in time and money.  Through high quality imagery, and our professional database, we will make it possible to keep all engineers on a job in the loop.

With a revolutionary new way to measure paint thicknesses, we at Infrastructure Inspectors will be able to provide readings of surfaces that had previously been deemed too dangerous to test.  We seek to provide efficiency throughout the entire inspection process. 



Coating Condition Inspection:  High quality video of all of your structures exterior coatings.  Great for a paint condition check up on your whole structure.

Coating Thickness Testing:  High quality video of external coatings combined with paint coating thickness tests of all typical corrosion points on your structure for a full and knowledgeable report on the condition of your structure.

Bid Scouting:  High quality video of the structure and immediate surroundings of the structure that you will be bidding to work on.  Includes close up inspection of the paint condition and color of paint that is currently on tank and other valuable information such as height, type and capacity of tower.

Quality Assurance Inspection:  This service will be performed after a paint job has been completed and will provide accurate coating thickness readings as well as an overall visual inspection of the whole project.

You and I come by road or rail, but economists travel on infrastructure.
— Margaret Thatcher