Old Way

Avoid ruts and high costs by eliminating the use of heavy machinery when doing inspections. 

Hire us and we will do the inspection for you!

New & Innovative Way

make sure to put the video in hd

Click the gear icon and select 1080p

With our ultra high resolution camera, we will be able to provide images like the one above.  This allows us to help our customers make informed decisions and makes budgeting for any repair easier.


Click the gear icon and select 1080p

With our innovative new way to inspect the exterior coatings of water towers, we are capable of providing up-to-date coating condition reports from which we will be able to make suggestions on what steps should be taken to repair any coating problems that may arise.

Population growth and development place additional stress on the Nation’s water infrastructure and its ability to sustain hard-won water quality gains.
— Jerry Costello